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The F&T Group is an umbrella organization comprised of a number of integrated real estate services companies, including TDC Development International, TOP8 Construction Corporation, and FULTONEX Management. These core companies encompass a wide range of real estate skills in the acquisition, planning, design, development, construction and property management, as well as in the finances and marketing of residential, commercial and mixed-use projects.

Our motto here at The F&T Group, “Global Vision for Local Development,” is a direct result of our experience in both North American and Asian operations. Dedicated primarily to the major markets of New York (USA), and China's Yangtze River Delta region (Nanjing, Suzhou and Shanghai).
With its offices located in both New York and Shanghai, TDC Development International is a real estate service company that integrates finance, investment and marketing. Persistently upholding F&T Group’s “Global Vision for Local Development,” TDC is currently developing large mixed-use urban projects with its worldwide leading real estate partners. In the U.S., the company is in the process of completing luxury apartments in Manhattan that are over 89,000ft2 and with a total cost over $78 million. In addition, TDC has planned to develop approximately 4 million square-feet in the New York Metropolitan area costing over $1.7 billion. TDC has also expanded its presence in China. Most notably, TDC and its partner, a real estate fund managed by J.P. Morgan Asset Management – Global Real Assets, aim to develop The World Trade Center Nanjing project in the center of Hexi New District. Through its international development and its strategic partnerships, TDC will continue to strengthen its global alliances all over the world.
TOP8Construction Corporation and its predecessor, KD International Development, have specialized in general contracting, construction management, and consulting services all throughout the New York Metropolitan Area. In the past decade, the company has completed a wide range of development projects involving residences, hotels, office buildings, and commercial facilities.TOP8 Construction Corporation is made up of a team of top professionals with diverse backgrounds ranging from architecture and design to engineering and construction. The resulting multifaceted expertise enables the company to better understand all aspects of a construction project. Over the years, Top8 Construction Corporation has established strong relationships with various suppliers and professionals in the same industry that promise timely and budget-conscious delivery on all projects.TOP8 Construction Corporation’s credentials have been further fortified through its joint ventures with Shanghai Construction Group. Shanghai Construction Group is not only the second largest construction firm in China but also the 38th largest in the world.
Fultonex Management has a portfolio of more than 1 million square feet of commercial, retail, office, hotel, parking, and food service operations. These operations are located all throughout the New York Metropolitan area with the bulk of them being in Queens and Manhattan. Fultonex Management is also responsible for all possible aspects of property operations and security.
As the well-known property giant, F&T Group has kept a well strategic cooperative relationship with numerous partners, including J.P. Morgan Asset Management, Shanghai Construction Group, and Rockefeller Group Development Corporation, etc. These relationships lay a strong foundation for F&T Group to make its presence in the global high-end real estate market.
With rising, booming enterprises and a number of successful transnational investments, F&T Group is a key example of a committed, sustainable, and long term business, with its twenty-five years of achievements. Foresight, value, vitality, and diversity drive the continuous advancement of F&T Group.

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