Hexi CBD is rated by DTZInternationalPropertyAdvisers Co., Ltd. as one of the “Four China'sMostInvestment-worthy Areas”

About Hexi New District

As a part of the main city district, Hexi New District is only separated from the old city district by The Qinhuai River. The district borders The Sancha River mouth to the north, The Qinhuai River to the south, The Yangtze River to the west, and The South River to the east. Additionally, the Hexi District total area is approximately 94 square kilometers. Hexi New District is located across from three administrative districts including Jianye, Gulou, and Xiaguan. It is divided into four zones: central part, northern part, southern part, and western part which is composed of the Jiangxinzhou Island. Since the construction of Hexi New District in 2002, the government has invested around 80 billion RMB. In addition, they have promoted the social investment of the district by investing over 100 billion RMB. The government has built a high standard 100-kilometer road network, two metro lines, and one cross-river tunnel. Moreover, the government has also created a string of public service facilities, such as CBD (Phase I), The Olympic Sports Center, The Nanjing International Expo Centre, The BenQ Hospital, The Jinling High SchoolHexiBranch, The JinlingLibrary, The Nanjing Hexi International Christian Church, The Green Expo Garden.

In October 2011, The Nanjing Government Affairs Service Center was set up in Hexi CBD (Phase I). It formed an elaborate public service system as well as four centers related to administration, exhibition, culture and sports, and finance in Hexi New District.

According to the clear proposal in the 12th five-year plan, the people’s government of Nanjing is intended to create Hexi New District into a “financial conglomeration area in the pan-Yangtze River Delta region”.The area will be a modern, international new city center. At present, the total building area of Hexi CBD has reached 5 million square meters. In Hexi CBD (Phase I), the accumulative effect in finance industry has emerged due to the settlement of many enterprises.Examples include: eleven corporate headquarters such as Metrobank, The ZijinRuralCommercialBank, The LIG Insurance (China) Co.,Ltd., The NanjingZijinInvestmentHoldingsCo.,Ltd., The Zijin Insurance Co., Ltd., and forty provincial insurance subsidiaries including The Du-Bang Property & Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd., The Pacific-Antai China LifeInsuranceCo.,Ltd., and The Yong An Insurance. In Hexi CBD (Phase II), the commercial and financial district is undergoing full-scale construction.This will include The World Trade Center Nanjing funded by F&T Group and anInternationalCommerceCentre developed by Sun Hung Kai Properties, Bank of Communications, Guotai Junan Security Assets Management Co.Ltd., and China Mobile Nanjing Branch. Nanjing has successfully won the bid for The 2014 Youth Olympic Games. Thus, Hexi New District will have historic developmental opportunities. By the end of 2014, the construction for Hexi CBD Phase II will be completed.It will renovatethe emerging boom in the central and southern region of the city. In addition, the construction for the southern ecologic district and NanjingTechnologyEco-island in the western Jiangxinzhou will be in full swing by 2014. Therefore, World Trade Center Nanjing will share the win-win results together with the selected Hexi New District for its potential development.

? Nanjing International Expo Centre

Built in 2008, the Nanjing International Expo Centre covers a total area of 360,000m2, of which the exhibition area is 170,000m2. With over 6000 booths, it will be the most modern convention and exhibition center in China.

? Olympic Sports Center

The Olympic Sports Center covers an areaof about 90 hectares and has a capacity of 87,000 people. It is composed of a central gym and five other sport facilities. In addition, it is was the largest gym created before 2008 (The Beijing Olympics).The Olympic Sports Center was the venue of the 10th National Games in 2005, and the city is excitedly preparing for its host of the 2014 Youth Olympic Games.

? Central Park

Covering an area of 82,000m2, Central Park is located near World Trade Center Nanjing. It has magnificent gardens, a wonderful culture and art center, and flagship stores containing famous brands and restaurants.Located at the intersection of Hexi CBD and Hexi Street, Central Park is the largest leisure park and urban garden in Nanjing. It has three sunken plazas, a lake and a beautiful stone landscape, featuring magnificent ecology, landscape, and waterscape.
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