Set within the prestigious Nanjing World Trade Center, WTC SQUAREwillintroduce a new kind of retail experience to Nanjing. It is conceived and developed to provide a unique everydaypeople destination, a kind of anchor neighborhood living space in Hexi. No longer does the retail experience have to be confined within an enclosed box with balconies, one with little connection to fresh air, sunlight and landscape. WTC SQUARE will break this box, and look to re-activate the senses and rejuvenate its visitors with a more open connection to the exterior. Visitors need not come with the sole intention of just shopping or dining. WTC SQUARE will provide a richer and more varied environment to attract visitors any time of the day or night when they just want a neighborhood place to go.

坐落于南京世界贸易中心的WTC SQUARE将为南京提供一种全新的购物体验。其设想发展成为河西区域市民每日光顾的生活化休闲购物空间。商业购物体验空间不再局限于封闭式空间,而是直接与空气,阳光和自然景观相连。WTC SQUARE设计亦将打破此束缚,重新激活您的感官体验。顾客来这里将不单单享受简单的购物及就餐服务,而是给予更丰富,更多样化的环境互动。在这里WTC SQUARE将成为顾客最心仪的24小时光顾的“邻里会所”。

One of the distinguishing features of WTC SQUARE is the Grand Sunken Plaza. A natural focal point of the development, the Plaza serves not only as the main arrival place but also as the vital heart of the project. However, instead of just welcoming visitors in,WTC SQUARE actively encourages visitors to move in and out of the project along the entire length of the Grand Plaza. Water features, landscape, events and art are all planned for this exciting new destination. Restaurants and cafés are designed to spill into the plaza. Facades will be completely opened during pleasant weather, breaking down the barriers between inside and out. The “interior” marketplace becomes just a covered extension of the outdoor plaza. This concept of an informal, blendedmix of marketplace, restaurants and outdoor plaza on a grand scalewill become the new neighborhood living room in the Hexi District.

WTC SQUARE的下沉式广场为其最大的特色。以自然为主题,下沉式广场不仅是项目的主要景点且同样是整个项目的Core Area。WTC SQUARE不光是为了吸引游客,而是通过设计使得游客于广场流动游览,从而使得整个广场的范围得以延伸。结合水景,景观,各色活动和艺术展览的主题吸引着顾客的目光。餐厅和咖啡店将分布广场各角落。想象一下,在春暖花开之际,广场的内外串联将是如此恰意。再向内部推进,广场亦成为室外广场的覆盖延伸。在此,休闲购物、餐饮娱乐、多元化运用的主题将得以充分展现。这样室内外相结合的广场,不仅空间宏大,又符合人性主题,未来必将成为河西区域的新社区空间。

This concept of blending interiors and exterior continues up through all levels of the project. At ground level, the visitor’s arrival to the retail district features natural landscape and open views to the Sunken Plaza. While other projects limit the planting of trees to maximize views to the project, WTC SQUARE promotes nature as an essential part of its visitor experience. The shade, comfort and revitalizing aspects of trees, water and earth are important principals of its design. Above the ground level, open terraces line each of the projects three main shopping levels. Each terrace has its own landscaped balcony edge as nature is visually carried up through the project, becoming a lush landscaped garden on the roof. From the terraced levels visitors can enjoy al fresco dining while viewing the world-class water features and events of the Grand Plaza.

这种内饰和外观相结合的概念将贯穿整个项目。漫步其间的顾客将直观感受到零售商业区所拥有的自然景观和下沉式广场。WTC SQUARE设计能够达到最大限度的促进游客感官体验。绿树成荫、舒适写意、水与大地的结合是设计的重点。每个露台都有自己的景观视野并让视线自然通过下沉式广场顶部,俯瞰即为郁郁葱葱的园景花园。在阶梯旁,游客可以一边享受户外用餐,一边欣赏世界级的水景和广场的各色活动。

The main elevation of the retail podium which faces the Plaza and features these dining terraces is designed to be organic, inviting and living. While the more formal street-side elevations offer a modern and dignified presentation of NJ.WTC, the Plaza elevation will be the more open and interactive side, activated daily by people and events. Adjacent the office tower to the north, the podium will feature an iconic concave entry atrium with a dramatic one-of-a-kind LED lining. Toward the more private, residential side of the project in the south, the podium is quieter with the organic dining terraces creating the project’s unique flowing architecture.

Shopping Mall的外立面正对下沉式广场,且拥有就餐式露台设计以便于聚会、休闲并享受Green Living。NJ.WTC的主体立面设计给予人时尚高品质的感觉,而广场的设计将给予人更开放和互动性的一面,将演绎每日不同的人群及故事。相邻的北面写字楼将设有一个独特的大型内镶式LED屏作为标志性入口。南面为更私密的住宅楼,其设计Philosophy是提供流线型餐饮式露台并创造该楼体独特的动线。

The main retail interior is intended to feature international high-end shops but also to bring to Nanjing a variety of cutting edge pan-Asian and local fashion and lifestyle shops. Featured tenants will have two-level shopfronts, creating moments of a street-like atmosphere as visitors walk through the elongated atrium. The paving, ceiling and lighting have been designed with a north-south “grain” to orient visitors and help guide them through the project. Materials are light colored and natural to best frame and feature tenants.

商业设计的主旨在于不仅可提供用于展现国际名品的旗舰店,同时也给南京带来泛亚区及本地最时尚的流行体验。主力特色租户将会有双层商铺设计,顾客穿行其间将会有漫步琳琅满目的商业街的感觉。整个地砖、天花板、灯光均设计成南北纹路,将引导顾客游历Shopping Mall。其材质都将以明快的色系及最自然的组合为主。

The large skylit atrium on the opposite end of the main entry will be filled with natural light and anchor the entire interior with feature restaurants and entertainment venues looking on from the top floor.
Seasonal and promotional events will make this atrium the interior heart of the project as its appearance changes throughout the year.
Visitors will be encouraged to explore the entire project with escalators placed naturally to ease movement but minimized to feature more open views to the project’s collection of shops.
The standard mall racetrack balconies have been replaced with a figure eight layout to make the experience of each place different than the next.
Shopping Mall的传统露台设计将被替换为“8”字型,从而使得每一个步行空间感受将有所不同。
These are some of the ways WTC SQUARE will not feel like just another mall, but will become its own unique and memorable experience in Nanjing.
这些都是WTC SQUARE会不同于其他Shopping Mall的原因,将成为您在南京独特且难忘的经历。
There are many retail options in downtown Nanjing and there will be many more in Hexi.
These will serve the shoppers well, but there is not yet a project like WTC SQUARE.
其他Shopping Mall虽会给顾客购物服务,但绝不会像WTC SQUARE那样与众不同。
Its design springs from the unique qualities of the site and the prestigious development that is its setting.
But its vitality and timeless quality will come from its understanding and responseto the human need to realize a balance between inside and outside worlds even within an urban context.
After a time, people who visit will wonder what it was ever like without it.
在不久的将来,凡来过WTC SQUARE的顾客将不禁为其设计而倍感惊叹。

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