The World Trade Centers Association was founded in 1970 with its headquarters in New York.

Historic Overview
The first organization to use “World Trade Center” wasthe Downtown Lower Manhattan’s Association in New York;David Rockefeller was the chair of the Association. On January 27, 1960, Rockefeller proposed a report to the mayor of New York City and the governors of New York and New Jersey suggesting the establishment of an organization called The World Trade Center. Its aim was to link the government with the trade industry. This link would simplify administrative approval procedures and facilitate business development. According to the report, it was proposed that The Port Authority of New York, now known as Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, would conduct a detailed research study on the planning, financing and activities ofThe World Trade Center.

After more than a year analysis and preliminary planning, the Port Authority in March 10, 1961 released a report that putting forward the concept of an expanding world trade center, including the basic services for traders,such as the World trade organization, the World trade center's club and World Trade Institute.

Two states, New York and New Jersey, passed this law. Guy Tozzoli was put in charge of turning this grand plan into reality. Under his guidance, the ideaswere refined and expanded further to represent specific services and physical facilities. New York’s project became a vital position worldwide and attracted numerous visitors from all over the world, becoming a model forWorld Trade Centers around the globe.

The model aroused the interest of more and more regions to develop similar projects.Thus, The World Trade Centers Association was born. In its first organizational meeting in April 1968, Guy Tozzoli and his colleagues,working in The New York World Trade Center,were invited to start its formal establishment. In 1968 and 1969, further organizational meetings wererespectively held in Antwerp, Amsterdam, and New Orleans. In 1970, the first plenary session of The World Trade Centers Association was held in Tokyo. Its constitution was passed and Guy Tozzoli was elected as the chairman of The World Trade Centers Association.At the time, The Association had 16 members in 7 countries.

From 1968 to 1986, the personnel in The New York World Trade Center conducted all the functional operations for the headquarters of The World Trade Centers Association. In 1987, Guy Tozzoli retired from The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and became the permanent chairman of World Trade Centers Association. By bridging the gap between international business, politics and foreign affairs, Guy Tozzoli eliminated the adverse side effects of global trade change. He took the lead, exerting influence on each corner of the world. As a result, The World Trade Centers Association has grown into an organization with over 300 members in nearly 100 countries.
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